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    Beavercreek OH

    Centerville OH

    Clayton OH

    Dayton OH

    Englewood OH

    Fairborn OH

    Huber Heights OH

    Miamisburg OH

    Springboro OH

    Tipp City OH

    Troy OH

    Vandalia OH

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    • Let me tell you my Donna story :). I was recently faced with a dilemma: How do I sell the home in Dayton, Ohio that my mother has lived in for 56 years when I am in Arizona. The house has two stories and a full basement. Mom and my stepdad could no longer manage the stairs up to their...Read More


    • Donna was really good in helping me find a house. She followed through from beginning to end. She also put it back on the market when I was ready to sell. She staged it and held a couple of open houses and the house sold in less then two months....Read More


    • Donna was very responsive to our needs. She did a great job getting our home sold. We were home selling noobs, and she was very patient with us, always willing to explain in detail and show us the ropes....Read More

      ke le luc

    • Donna continues to support us, even after the sale was final. We had issues with cracks in our basement and questions about our mortgage. Even though it was months after our closing, Donna was there to help us. She demonstrates what a top realtor should be....Read More


    • Donna was great to work with. She knows her stuff and was willing to take us to look at anything. She was really good at helping us see both the positives and negatives about each house we looked at and was able to get us the price we wanted on the house we did buy....Read More


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